Why any black-white IQ gap environmental factors which depress black IQ

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**Why any black-white IQ gap environmental factors which allegedly depress black IQ must be instances white-on-black oppression**

1. All contributing factors to black-white racial gaps like the black-white IQ gap and others can be classified as either black people’s fault, or not black people’s fault. A factor is defined as being black people’s fault if it persists in absence of any sort of coercion upon black people by another ethnic group. Coercion is defined as any behavior directed towards black people, for reason of them being black, which black people do not consent to. For our purposes, it suffices to define consent in terms of an election; if black people would vote against the use of some discriminatory behavior by another ethnic group, they do not consent. We can go further and say that, even if black people have been twisted into consenting to some behavior, if the impetus does not originate with them, the discrimination and its consequences are not their fault. We will stop at this point for now, however, because it suffices to note that black people today are very conscious of anything that might do their ethnic group harm, unlike some other ethnic groups. Also, for our purposes, we define a gap as a totally real phenotypic difference; the argument that some alleged gap is not real is a separate argument from what causes a real gap.

2. For the US black-white IQ gap, if a factor is not black people’s fault, then it is white people’s fault. How could it be otherwise? Can a factor be nobodies fault? No, because if a factor is not black people’s fault, then it does not persist in absence of coercion upon black people by another ethic group.

3. For the US black-white IQ gap, if a factor is black people’s fault, this is just another way of saying that black genes cause the gap. US black people do not live far away, on a continent that may or may not simply have less food, less productive capacity, and more deadly disease, and so on. Black people face the same food prices, shop at the same stores, are exposed to the same replicators, and so on as white people. Because they have access to the same economy as white people, and are even privileged within that economy beyond their actual means via welfare and affirmative action, any factor which is black people’s fault is going to be a function of their gene pool. For example, say contrary to the evidence, lead paint were a significant factor in the IQ gap. Black people are either exposed to more lead paint due to white oppression, or because they buy more lead paint, because they themselves make that choice, or they make other choices that cause them to be poorer, despite white people pushing them towards opposite choices (or leaving them alone) at whatever chance possible. If white people push black people towards lead paint, that constitutes oppression by white people.

4. Therefore, when somebody says “X% of the gap is environmental,” they are saying that white people cause X% of the gap via oppression of black people. If they do not agree with this assessment, then they do not have grounds to state that X% of the gap is environmental. If, upon closer inspection, X% of the gap does have to do with some environmental factor, but said factor only persists due to black choice, that X% is actually genetic in the broad sense. It may be that genetic differences not having to do with brainpower directly cause that portion of the gap, and that in the narrow sense, the portion is environmental. The broad sense, however, is the colloquial sense, for social policies which discriminate against whites in favor of blacks are justified on the claim that some significant portion of the gap is white people’s fault. Though some, in the face of lackluster evidence indicating that white people oppress black people, may wish to justify these policies with the claim that there are narrow-sense environmental factors that contribute to the gap, such rhetoric is equivocal and obscures that such narrow-sense environmental factors are, in the broad sense, genetic, and as such do not serve as good justification for the aforementioned policies in a public mind which understands this.

*This post was inspired by my experience with some SSC rationalists, who wanted to simultaneously claim, both that a significant portion of the black-white IQ gap is environmental, and that white-on-black oppression is "obviously woke nonsense." I don't think you can’t have your cake and eat it too — either black people are oppressed, or the gap is ~100% genetic in the broad sense.*