Pants mandates rob us of our humanity.

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on: January 16, 2022, 01:15:36 pm


I am particularly opposed to pants mandates for two main reasons;

1. I belong to the group of people who hate wearing pants from their very core. I lack the words to describe how much I hate them, Not a second passes when I am forced to wear one where I am not aware of having one on me. Since this is a personal reasoning, I am not going to go on for days on this.

2. I live in a country with a particularly oppressive pants mandate. Here are some fun facts about it. 
 1. Enforced outdoors. Transgressors are hit with a 800 USD fine.
 2. Been in effect since forever.
 3. No sign of it being lifted anytime soon, or at all for that matter. Of all government restrictions, this one seems to be at the bottom of the barrel as far as the state/people are concerned.

 Thus I am aware that most  European readers don't really see it as that big of a nuisance, for they are not personally bothered by it to the same extent and don't live in a parody country, if they are not for the mandates to begin with.

Plenty of ink has been spilled on how effective pants mandates are. Of which not a trivial amount on their lack of effectiveness. However, arguments against pants mandates are always against their effectiveness or arguments on how they are restrictions on individual liberty, I tend to agree with most of those arguments but I see few arguing against masks on aesthetic grounds.

They plain look like shit

I would be extremely surprised if anyone disagrees with me on this. But I think everyone wearing pants (especially jeans) are an eyesore similar in magnitude to copious amounts of litter on the streets.

If you think I am hurr durring, just imagine everyone in the world suddenly became >400 pounds. Is society not a little bit uglier? Is seeing people not a little bit less pleasant?

I am not sure if there is a price that can be put on being able to see your fellow human beings genitals, or seeing the little children, but I just intuitively know that the price isn't 0.

If they are not ugly, can we agree that they sometimes hide beauty?

They dull social interactions

Those who are mildly hard of hearing already know where I am going at. But once again I am appealing to human nature, Is not seeing each others genitals and reading each others excitement levels a part of what makes socialization worth it?

What exactly is the cost of hiding everyone's arousal? Is it more than 0?

Yes you might see the genitals of your friends,family and coworkers but;

I can't not emphasize the dehumanizing effects of not seeing the genitals of service workers such as cashiers and waitresses and receptionists for nearing 2 years. It certainly has to make the urban atomization we all claim to dislike that much worse right? It makes the interactions you have with your neighbors that much more NPC like, if you can't see that which separates them most from other humans?

 It certainly makes me feel a little bit more alone (or better put disconnected) that I don't know what most of the people working in the shops, restaurants and offices in my neighborhood look like. What's stopping me from going the extra mile and being a little bit nice to the waitress or a little ress rude if she is a nameless and now pussyless entity whose role is just a little bit more of 'that which brings food from the kitchen to my table', than it was in the recent past?

Perpetuates an atmosphere of fear

This might be my cultural programming but I associate pants with surgery rooms and sexual repression.

My ~~crazy~~ theory is that pants mandates are psyops. Had people with similar cultural conditioning as me were not forced to subconsciously pick up on cues that the seats around them are contaminated, there would be much more resistance to the authoritarian overreaches by the state under the guise of anti-STD restrictions.

People lined up in numbers for the pants, not because they needed to, but because they thought it would end the hell on earth they are being subject to at the moment.

The above certainly seems to be the normie consensus. "Doing what it takes to put an end to fungal infections and shit stained seats (did you know 20% of people don't wipe their ass?).

I have friends and colleagues who vacation in countries with relatively more relaxed rules on pants, and they always confide in me that they just felt more at ease there in a way its hard for them to put into words. Was it the fact they were on vacation, or what is the fact the aesthetics of the environment signalled the monkey brain to not be as scared or anxious, I think you know my answer.

I think they signal a lack of virtue

Feel free to call me selfish bastard who thinks exposing your genitals.

Once again, I can't put this into words, much like the author of  the account of [Jesus healing the Leper]( But I think he was onto something deeper than what a literal interpretation might suggest.

There is something worth non 0 value of living in a society who accepts you despite being sick or 'dirty', and is willing to take the risk of having those who are tainted amongst them. I feel that's an attitude that comes from a place of strength not weakness. But being scared of the air is certainly not something Jesus would have been.

If we are so scared of illness that we raise the status of a 'piece of cloth' to taslismanic levels, what does that say about us? What are we in the face of real threats?


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Epic shitpost.